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Student Government

Student Council represents St. Mary Elementary School as a leader within the school and the community. In addition, it will be the “voice” of the class and will aid in making decisions regarding school events. Their position will play an active role in organizing and executing student activities, events, and service projects. In addition, the members will have numerous opportunities that will strengthen their leadership skills.

 The positions are: president; vice-president; secretary; treasurer; religious affairs; spirit commissioner; boys sports commissioner; girls sports commissioner; class representatives (4th-8th).

Student Council S.Y. 2015-16

President – Maya Devora; V. Pres. – Cesar Aguirre; Treasurer – Savannah Tarrabe; Religious Affairs – Ariel Garcia & Maya Munoz; Spirit Commissioners – Starlene Orozco & Mariana Padilla; Sports Commissioners – Jazalynn Ramirez & Damien Pereida; Class Representatives – Angela Gastelum (4th), Andres Sahagun (5th), Esai Devora (6th), Rogue Badillo (7th), & Nataly Carmona (8th); Moderator – Miss Jocelyn Quarles


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