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General Information

Admissions Policy

Preference is given to students whose families are members of the parish and to those have sibling/s already attending the school. No student will be denied admission because of race or national origin. Applicant will be accepted after successful completion of an entrance test. A testing fee must be paid in cash, and it is non-refundable.


Early in February, re-registration forms are sent to families so they may indicate their intention of ensuring a place for their child/ren in school for the following year. These forms are sent to those families who are up-to-date with their financial responsibilities. These forms, together with the re-registration fee, are due by the end of the month. This is necessary to be done promptly, in order to allow vacancies to be filled by students awaiting admission. Re-registration forms and/or transcripts cannot be provided for students whose financial responsibilities are not up-to-date. Students who have withdrawn may not be re-accepted. The administration makes the final decision on any request for readmission.


Families who wish to enroll new students for the following school year may submit application forms beginning in March.

Form Day

On form days, agreements indicating policies, procedures, parental responsibilities, and involvement for new school year must be signed by the parents/guardians.

Parents have to carefully read and abide by the St. Mary School Parent/Student Handbook. They agree that both their child and themselves abide by the policies and procedures of the St. Mary School Parent/Students Handbook and other traditions of the school.

Contributed Service Program

Service hours provide opportunity for parents to become active participants in their children’s educational experience. The educational community becomes richer when parents are partners in the students’ school, academic, recreational, and spiritual life.

This policy statement is to outline the terms and conditions of the “Contributed Service Hours Program” for the current year. This policy statement contains specific guidelines to help make the service hours program a success.

  • All families are required to donate 40 hours of service to St. Mary School. Any donation hours in excess of the minimum requirement will not be credited to any other school year. Parents are required to participate in the service hour program each and every school year. Donated hours may only be earned during the period from August through May.
  • All service hours must be approved and accepted by the school administration. Parents not meeting the number of service hours must pay the school $25.00 for each hour short of the minimum.

Gifts and grants that are given to the school because of the generosity of employees of the privileged position parents employ, cannot replace school fees, tuition and service hours. The school cannot afford to operate without the funds allocated by tuition and service hours. Such gifts or services are provided in the spirit of charity for the benefit of the children’s education and formation. It is financially impossible for St. Mary School to reimburse charitable honors for their gifts and grants.

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