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The school recognizes the valuable role that parents represent as primary communicators and role models of the faith. This is why St. Mary School acknowledges the need in collaborating with parents to promote academic, moral, and spiritual development. Parents’ partnership is vital to the mission of the school. Its purpose is to foster parents’ interest in the school, to promote cooperation, friendship, unity and a Christian appreciation to share among students, the administration, faculty, staff, and parents. Parents also collaborate to raise funds and render active support to school projects and activities.

The school coordinates and invites students’ parents and family members to attend school liturgies and an extensive amount of other events in which the school demonstrates mutual partnership in the students’ academic and spiritual growth.

Parents share with the teachers the obligation to provide for the students’ moral intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. They are committed to serve as models of faith and Christian life for their children and to cooperate and communicate with the administration and faculty so that Christ may be the center of all.

Parents cooperate with all school regulations, policies, and fundraising activities. They keep the uniform code; pay tuition on scheduled date; and keep communication open with the administration and the faculty. Parents have to attend monthly scheduled meetings. If circumstances make attendance impossible, parents should notify the principal in writing of the reason.  

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