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Payments are made electronically through FACTS Tuition Management. Registration is complete upon online FACTS enrollment by the responsible party.

Tuition Per student costs $5,682, here’s what you pay:

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $328.00 $3600.00
2 $446.00 $4900.00
3 $564.00 $6200.00
4 $682.00 $7500.00

Registration Fees

  • Oldest Child – $75.00
  • Each additional Child – $50.00

Additional payment options

FACTS: All choosing a monthly payment plan are required to register for the FACTS automated system. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account. The number of payments is at your discretion, anywhere from 4 to 11 payments per year over the course of the school year, beginning in July and ending in April, May or June 15.

Payment in full: If you make your tuition payment in full by September, you will receive a 6% discount off your total tuition. If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirement in full, that will be included with your discount.

Half/Half: You may pay half of your tuition by September and have your balance paid in full by March (a 5% discount will be applied to your 2nd payment). If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirements in full, that will be included in your discount.

Pay In-Office: Office payments may be arranged. If you choose this method you are required to make payments according a schedule agreed upon by both parties. A $10.00 late charge will be applied each time a payment is missed without prior authorization.


St. Mary School does not turn away students and their families due to financial hardship.

Monthly tuition is figured on case-by-case basis; more details are available. Please inquire within.

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