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St. Mary School provides a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum that reflects the school’s mission and philosophy. Its mission is to educate the student in a holistic manner that integrates academics and spirituality. It stands strongly behind its mission to educate the youth academically and spiritually in the Catholic, Salesian tradition of Reason, Religion, and Loving Kindness. Thus, it has become one of the driving forces behind the development of the Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) where it strives to instill spiritual values and provide opportunities for growth in the Catholic faith. In addition to its faith-based foundation, it also focuses on guiding “…the young to acquire the basic tools needed to continue their education and to lay the foundation for a useful, productive life,” (Cf: School Philosophy) as reflected in the core subjects it teaches.

The core subjects include Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Additional subjects include physical education, computer science, art, and music. The professional staff integrates these additional subjects in its curriculum throughout the year. The curriculum builds upon itself to achieve the desired outcome from the students according to the guiding words of the Salesian founder, St. John Bosco, to be “good Christians and upright citizens” empowering them with a joyful vision of home and of a better world. Throughout this document, the staff outlines the different ways in which St. Mary strives to meet these goals.

To ensure the accomplishment of these goals teachers are required to plan their curriculum based on the prescribed standards from the Archdiocese of the State of California. Teachers are required to identify standards to be covered in long-range and weekly plans. The effective results of these standards are assessed regularly to improve and strengthen curriculum and instruction. In addition to covering the academic aspect of the curriculum, daily lessons also include the promotion of Catholic Salesian identity. This is done through the identification and integration of the SLEs into the lesson plans, which promote Christian values and social justice.

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